Experience the industry your mother warned you about.

Advertising solves problems with creativity and original thought. But original thought relies on different perspectives - we need more of that.

Project Represent aims to attract people from diverse cultures and races to a career in advertising. Join a 1-day workshop at a top Aussie ad agency on Saturday 19 May 2018 and discover why advertising matters.

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Join some of the best minds in some the best Aussie ad agencies for a 1-day workshop on Saturday 19 May 2018 to discover more about this industry. It will leave you invigorated by the possibilities of what a career in this will offer you. Apply for a position by filling the form below. Limited places in May. Entries close Friday 18 May.


Australia is a multicultural place. But the advertising industry isn’t. Project Represent was created to bridge this gap by educating and inspiring people from all cultures and backgrounds to understand the value of advertising. And more importantly, the value of diversity in advertising.

In collaboration with some of the best advertising and media agencies in the country, Project Represent was created in 2018. Our first project is a workshop on Saturday 19 May 2018 at agencies in Sydney and Melbourne to discover what advertising is, its value to the economy and how to do it. It’s a practical introduction to this incredible business.

Why advertising matters


Advertising is original thinking.

This original thinking has resulted in tech advancements and product breakthroughs in almost every category of business.


Advertising contributes over $40bn to the economy.

It generates growth, improves market efficiency and drives competition which keeps consumer prices lower.


Advertising leads social change.

From addressing issues like mental health to saving wildlife and raising funds for charity, advertising can change the world.


Advertising is effective.

The best advertising lasts generations and crosses boundaries. It helps builds brands that will outlive us all.

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